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About this item

  • Aura Sync addressable RGB lighting features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever-expanding ecosystem of Aura Sync-enabled products.
  • POWERFUL PUMP – The robust and upgraded for higher RPM ensures sufficient coolant flow through a dense copper fin structure, delivering optimal performance for its class of AIO products on the market.
  • Infinity design on cooling head,Tubes with smooth and soft light effect.
  • Controller Included: The controller included in the accessory bag, you can achieve ARGB sync and PWM with it.
  • PWM Fans: The speed of 3* PWM fans can be auto adjusted, provide the better airflow or lower noise.
  • Better Cooling Performance: With a more efficient cold plate, spraying copper bottom, proprietary pump and fans optimized for static pressure to make sure the excellent heat transfer from cpu.
  • CPU Socket lntel: LGA 1700, 1200, 2066, 2011,1366, 1151, 1150, 1156, 1155, AMD: AM5,AM4,AM3+,AM3,AM2+,AM2



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