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Boost Gaming Chair Impulse in 2024

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The Best Boost Gaming Chair Impulse in 2024 in Pakistan is the perfect choice for gamers seeking comfort and style at an affordable price. This chair is designed to provide exceptional support and adjustability, ensuring a comfortable gaming experience for extended periods. Available at Daddu Charger in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, at the cheapest price, the Boost Gaming Chair Impulse is a great value for money option. With its sleek and modern design, this chair will enhance the look of your gaming setup while keeping you comfortable during intense gaming sessions. The Boost Gaming Chair Impulse is a must-have for any gamer looking to improve their setup without breaking the bank

  1. Material: High-quality PU leather for durability and easy maintenance.
  2. Adjustability: Adjustable armrests, backrest recline, and height for personalized comfort.
  3. Support: Ergonomic design with lumbar and neck pillows for proper spine alignment.
  4. Weight Capacity: Supports up to 300 pounds for a wide range of users.
  5. Swivel Base: 360-degree swivel for easy movement and multitasking.
  6. Color Options: Available in a variety of colors to suit different gaming setups.
  7. Footrest: Retractable footrest for added comfort during extended gaming sessions.
  8. Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind against defects.
  9. Caster Wheels: Smooth-rolling caster wheels for effortless mobility.
  10. Assembly: Easy assembly with included instructions for quick setup.


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